Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Stairs Treads & Risers

A simple slip or a trip on the stairs can mean a life or death situation. By installing perforated metal stairs treads & risers, you are already preventing an accident waiting to happen. Perforated PERF-O grip grating and perforated serrated grating are ideal for any indoor or outdoor stairs because of its unique feature. The design helps reduce the chance of injury, low-cost maintenance, and enhances the visual appeal of the place.

Stay Safe With Perforated Metal Stairs

perforated metal stair treads

perforated metal stair risers

Prevention is Better than Cure

The perforations increase surface contact, allowing you better resistance and reducing the chances of slippage. It also allows water to pass through the perforated metal stair treads, making it ideal for industrial facilities, factories, and commercial buildings to avoid workplace accidents.

There are several benefits of using perforated metal stair risers and treads as well. Unlike slippery wooden or padded stairs and risers, where you can easily trip, perforated metal stairs prevent your foot from getting caught in the middle and causing serious injuries. It also doesn’t easily break from heavyweights and other physical activities such as jumping and roughhousing.

Easy Maintenance

Perforated metal stairs provide easier and low-cost maintenance. Dirt, water, and other particles can’t accumulate and smoothly pass through the perforations. It also allows air to circulate and light to seep through brightening dreary staircases freely.

Finishing and fabricating processes on materials ensures that they last for a long time, even if they are exposed to different circumstances, whether indoor or outdoor.

Lastly, the quality and durability of these perforated metal stair treads save you from thousands worth of costly repairs and renovations.

Unique Design and Features

The sleek and modern design of the perforated metal stairs gives the whole place a trendy and fashionable look. But it can also be customized to blend into a classic design or to stand out and add structure to an otherwise dull office space. We have various perforations patterns that one can choose from to suit the overall look that one wants to achieve.

Our years of experience have been the driving force that makes us excel in what we do. We have worked with different clients that have different needs and are under different budgets. Our team of experts is ready to discuss various options with our clients, whether it is for fabricating, welding, finishing, we are prepared to provide the services needed making us the number one company in the Metal Perforation industry.

Perforated Metal sheets use as Stairs Treads & Risers

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Metal Stair Treads

Stainless Steel Perforated Metal Stair

Available Materials of Perforated Metal Stairs

Our perforated metal stairs are available in a variety of materials, in addition to stainless steel, but also include galvanized sheets and aluminum alloys.

  • Stainless steel perforated stairs: 302, 304, 316 contains a high content of nickel and chromium alloys, with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, very suitable for outdoor environments, even if the surrounding environment is wet and rainy, corrosion will not occur. But the cost is relatively high.
  • Galvanized perforated steel stairs: Galvanized on the surface of carbon steel plate can effectively prevent the steel from rusting. The advantage is that the material cost is low, but after a long time of friction, the zinc layer will be destroyed and lose the function of anti-rust.
  • Aluminum alloy perforated metal stairs have light weight and high strength, and also has excellent corrosion resistance. The cost is between ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel. But the overall strength is lower than carbon steel and stainless steel.

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