Perforated Galvanized Sheet Metal

Material: low carbon steel Q235, other steel can be customized.

Hole shape: round, rectangle, square, slotted and decorative, etc.

Surface treatment: galvanized.


  • 1000 x 2000mm,
  • 1200 x 2400mm,
  • 1220 x 2440mm,
  • 1250 x 2500mm
  • custom size.

Perforated Galvanized Steel Sheet

Steel is one of the most excellent materials for construction due to the strength of the material. Although it is economical, steel can be prone to rust, which can be a problem if used outdoor. This is where the perforated galvanized metal steel sheet becomes the number one choice. The perforated galvanized sheet metal is steel sheet coated with zinc, which prevents corrosive elements from harming the steel. Out in the open, raw steel can rust easily, decreasing its durability. With galvanized steel, it can withstand being out in the open and being exposed to even the harshest elements.

Perforated Galvanized Metal Steel Sheet Features: 

  • Durable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Adds depth to the finished product
  • Resistant to corrosion and other elements

Where Perforated Galvanized Metal Steel Sheet is Used:

  • Architectural/Landscape Industry
  • Indoor and Outdoor furniture
  • As an added element to machines to increase durability and support

Designs and Custom Sizes

Perforated galvanized sheet metal is the perfect material for a harsh environment. We offer high quality galvanized steel sheets that will make all the difference. These metal sheets are available in different sizes and patterns for our clients. We configure perforation sizes and designs on the client’s specifications to fit their company’s needs.

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