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Perforated Metal Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier from China

Hightop Metal is one of the most professional perforated metal sheet suppliers and manufacturers in China. We supply perforated metal panels of various patterns and sizes, including round hole, square hole, slotted hole, and complex decorative hole; Materials available in stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, brass, copper, etc., and various colors including black, white, and other decorative colors to meet the needs of various industries.

What are Perforated Metal Panels?

Perforated metal panels also known as perforated metal sheets or perforated metal screen. As the name implies, it is a metal sheet product made by a punching machine that uses pressure to pass punching heads through the metal panels.

Perforated metal sheet is a multi-purpose product, and has a wide range of applications, can be used for building ceilings, sound-absorbing materials; building stairs, balconies, environmentally friendly tables and chairs; protective covers for mechanical equipment, speaker net covers, grinding sieves, mine sieves for grain, feed, and mining; Kitchenware products such as stainless steel fruit basket, fruit trays, food covers, as well as shelf mesh and decorative metal panels for architecture external walls.

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Integrated perforated metal sheet supplier for R&D, production and sales

Why Choose Us

Hightop Metal Mesh constantly upgrades and modernizes our perforated metal sheet equipment to meet our clients’ needs and help them be competitive in today’s fierce market.

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Producing Ability
Hightop Metal Mesh currently operates 3 factories across China with over 100 sets of equipment used to manufacture various perforated metal screen products. HIGHTOP® has a strong ability in punching and sheet metal fabrication, including Punching, Later Cutting, Shearing, Folding, Welding and Powder Coating, etc.
Customized Service
HIGHTOP® has been engaged in the perforated metal panels industry for more than 15 years.
With rich projects engineering experience, HIGHTOP® designs solutions according to different types of customers' needs and customizes products according to drawings and samples provided by customers. Our engineering group is capable of dealing with complicated patterns, even based on a small quantity or trial order.
Factory Direct Cost
The budget is very important to our customers. So, helping them to reduce costs is one of our values. With a wide range of punching dies of perforated metal sheets, HIGHTOP® can produce and supply a large number of holes' combination without the charge of dies. Also, we own a professional tooling team who can help our customers to reduce the cost of tooling fee for any new design.
Perfect after-sale service
HIGHTOP® has an excellent technical support team and business personnel, as well as a group of intimate after-sales staff. Our after-sales staff are on standby for 24 hours and responded for 48 hours so that the majority of customer groups have a comfortable consumption process.


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